I REGRET CREATING SARS IN 1984, Retired Police Officer opens up


Do you know that the now disbanded Special Anti Robber Squad (SARS) was created during President Muhammadu Buhari’ time as Military Head of State ?

This is as revealed by a retired Police Officer, Fulani Kwajafa, who said he was the one, who created that special Police unit.

Brave Views gathered Rtd Fulani Kwajafa, who championed the formation of SARS in 1984 now lives in regrets for creating that tactical unit.

Kwajafa in an with BBC Housa Service monitored by Brave Views said that SARS had derailed from what it was orinally created to do at inception.

The former Police Chief disclosed that SARS was formed when the then Military Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari ordered the then Inspector-General of Police, Etim Inyang to come up with a strategy to fight rampant armed-robbery incidents in the country.

Mr Inyang served as Inspector General of Police between 1983 to 1986. He was preceded in office by Sunday Adewusi while Gambo Jimeta succeeded him.

Explaining how SARS was formed, Mr Kwajafa said there was an upsurge in violent criminal activities in Nigeria, which prompted then Military Head of state, Mr Buhari to direct Mr Inyang and his lieutenants to do anything to stem the tide of armed robbery incidents in the country or lose their job.

“The IGP called me that we should do something to save the country from armed robbery incidents; I accepted the offer and requested for time and materials. I then mobilised personnel for the task”.

Mr Kwajafa further recounted, saying: ”Four months after the formation of SARS in 1984, the unit flushed out the criminals and there was peace all over following the successful operation,” he said.

Expressing his regrets; the retired Kwajafa said he was disturbed by the stories he heard about how the now disbanded SARS operatives violated the rights of Nigerians and even killed some persons.

“The stories I am hearing about the activities of SARS is damaging; I ruled that even among the SARS there are armed robbers.

“This is not the SARS we formed in the 80s, I use to be ashamed that I am the person that created the SARS because of their activities. Had it been I knew such things will happen, I could not have created the unit”.

He said those that knew the activities of initial SARS will say it’s Mr Kwajafa that formed it.

He regreted that the controversial Police unit derailed from its official rules of engagement and responsibilities.

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