by Peter Henry Dee


The political infractions resulting from the United States (US) election is far from being over seven days to hand over ceremonies.

This is because about eleven Senators and some newly elected Senators of the Republican Party have vowed to stop the swearing-in of the President-elect, Joe Biden.

Biden contested the November 3, 2020 presidential election on the platform of the Democratic Party and defeated the incumbent President Donald Trump.

His swearing-in is expected to place on 20th January, 2020, seventeen days from today but opposition Senators said they intend to appeal the upcoming certification of the outcome of the election.

The senators are led by Texas Senator, Ted Cruz.

In a joint statement yesterday, Saturday January 2, they said that they will vote against the certification of electors from states where Trump has disputed Democrat Biden’s victory.

Brave Views can report that up till date, President Trump has not conceded defeat even after losing most of the court cases he filed challenging Biden’s victory.

The opoosing Senators claimed that the November 3 election was characterized with unprecedented allegations of voter fraud, violations, stressing that the election lacked enforcement of election law.

They also alleged the election featured other voting irregularities.

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