The ADVENTIST MEN’s ORGANIZATION (AMO) in the Rivers East Conference of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Rivers State has laid a foundation stone to build a bakery that will produce bread and other baking food items.

The stone laying ceremony, which took place last Sunday at Poln Avenue Mirin-Wanyi near Obeama community along Afam road, Asa District was performed by the President of the Rivers East Conference of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Pastor JOYFUL NORBANA.

The bakery is expected to begin operations and sales of food to members of the public by September this year.

Speaking to Journalists in an interview shortly after performing the stone laying ceremony, the President of Rivers East Conference of SDA, Pastor JOYFUL NORBANA described the the initiative by the Conference AMO to build the bakery as the first of its kind in the State.

Pastor NORBANA explained that the essence of the bakery is to help people get good baked food that would enhance good physical and spiritual health.

“It is necessary we understand that in spite of the fact that we need the word of God for our spiritual food, we also need physical food to help us stay balanced on this earth.

“So, the essence of this bakery is to help people get good food that will enhance good health and then, spiritual health will also follow”.

The Adventist Pastor also spoke on a message titled: ‘SMALL BEGINNING’

He said “Little drops of water, little grains of sand, make a mighty ocean and a pleasant land, so it is in life.

“Life begins with almost small beginning..the food you eat is one bowl at a time; so it is in business, its one step at a time, you begin small and you end up big. It is also like that in everything we do.

“So, it is important we understand that we must not wait until we acquire the whole world before we begin something.

“Whatever it is you want to begin, if you have just a little to begin, you go ahead and begin and some day, that small beginning will come up to be a mass project

Brave Views reporter who covered the event, reports that the Rivers East Conference AMO Director, Elder PHILIP ULOGWURAMA also laid a foundation stone of the bakery building, among four other Church leaders.

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