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One Mr ONUOHA ODIH, suspected to be a serial rapist has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for allegedly raping a 25-year-old lady (name withheld).

Brave Views gathered that Mr ONUOHA is close and one of the best friends to the father of the victim.

Both friends were also colleagues when they worked as security guards at a popular church based in the Ijesa area of Lagos State.

The victim explained that despite her pleas, her father’s best friend raped her and boasted that nothing would happen to him because he would bribe the Police and be freed.

She said: “I tried to resist him but he brought out a knife and threatened to kill me”.

She said that things became difficult for her family, after her father lost his sight and left the employ of the church about five years ago but was quick to add that Odih offered to help the family from time to time.

“He and my dad used to work with the church as security guards before he began working for the church as an informant. My father lost his sight about five years ago, so he stopped working and had to be staying at home, so things became tough. He used to send money to my dad occasionally.”

The victim works as a point of sale terminal attendant in the Ijesa area of Lagos State.

She stated that on the day the incident happened, she had returned from work around 9pm when her father asked her to go and collect some money from the suspect, also known as ‘king of boys,’ promised to give to him.

“When I got there, he transferred N10,000 to me. He said I should give N5,000 to my dad and keep the remaining N5,000. I thanked him and as I was about leaving, he said I would have to appreciate him in kind. He wanted me to ‘sleep’ (have sex) with him and I said no.

“I asked if it was because of the N5,000 he gave me that he was making such a demand and I told him to give me his account number. He did and I transferred his money back to him immediately. I have the evidence.”

“Immediately after he received the money, he brought out a knife, locked the gate and asked me to undress.”

The rape victim disclosed that the incident took place on a vacant land on Alakoso Road, Ijesa. She said the premises had high walls as perimeter fencing and a big gate which he said was locked with a padlock and that even when she screamed no one came to her rescue.

“I ran towards the gate of the vacant land, hoping I could force it open but he ran after me and dragged me back. The fence was high, so there was no way I could escape. I was shouting and calling for help but he said no one would answer me. He lived in a small security house on the premises.

“I refused to remove my clothes and tried to run back to the gate but he charged at me, threatening to stab me. His eyes were red and I didn’t want to lose my life. When he was done, I asked him to open the gate but he refused. He said he would do another round. I was alarmed and kept screaming but no one responded.

“Then, he brought out his knife again and I was forced to endure the trauma the second time. I screamed but no one answered. He said he would kill and bury me there and nobody would know. He boasted that he would even give me money to go to FESTAC Police Station to report incident but that nothing would happen to him because he knew how he would bribe the policemen”.

She said after a while Odih slept off, she managed to retrieve the key and escaped around 3am.

Unknown to the victim, her father’s friend recorded the act with his phone with the aid of the flash, which she thought was an ordinary torch.

She noted that she cried all night and could only tell her brother. “I didn’t tell my dad until two days after because I knew it would break him and it really did.”

Confused on what to do, she said she reported the case at the Ago Police Station and notified the founder of Jashabel Touch-A-Heart Foundation, a human rights organisation, Mrs Favour Benson, who had been monitoring the case.

She said the Police arrested Odih, checked his phone and saw about 20 videos of him having sex with different women, including her.

She said the matter had since been referred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID for further investigation.

She said, “I want justice. I have been receiving calls from unknown persons telling me to drop the case and they have been making threats.”

She said the result of the test she undertook at the Mirabel Centre in Ikeja was already with the Police in Panti, hoping that justice would be served. “I have not been able to erase the incident from my mind”.

Speaking on the status of the matter, the lawyer assigned by a non-governmental organisation, Project Alert, to handle the case, Samuel Apologun told our correspondent that he was on the matter.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Lagos State Command, CSP Muyiwa Adejobi, confirmed the story, adding that “the suspect was arraigned on Wednesday.

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