Governor of Imo State, Senator HOPE UZODIMMA of has declared that his administration is now ready to crush all forms of criminality in the state.

The Governor made the declaration in a statewide radio broadcast to the people of the state shortly on arrival from Abuja.

The governor, who was away when his private residence at Omuma in Oru East LGA was set ablaze, said that full investigation to unmask the sponsors of the security breaches in the state had reached an advanced stage, assuring that soon the long arm of law would expose and prosecute those involved.

“Last Sunday’s attempt to burn down my country home was just their Lilliputian way of sending the message that Imo State is insecure”.

He described arson as a failed attempt, adding that his government would collaborate with all security agencies to protect the lives and property of the residents of the state.

He accused those he described as “disgruntled politicians” for conniving with militants and other criminal elements to unleash violence in the state to destroy the peace and hospitality of the state.

Senator UZORDIMMA argued that rather than contained themselves with the developmental strides of his administration in just one year, the enemies of the state had devised devious ways of distracting and striking fear in the citizens.

He said: “some of them have come out to unmask their real intention which is to make the state ungovernable.”

He recalled that at the onset of his administration, the same people had vowed to make the state ungovernable for the government.

He sympathized with the people of the state over their feeble and futile effort at intimidating them, he declared that the state would employ all lawful machinery at its disposal to crush criminality.

He, therefore, warned that the day of criminality in the state was over while assuring never to leave any stone unturned in ensuring the security and safety of all the people in the state.

He also said that his administration is willing to protect the people in the state, including residents, adding that the recent security challenges in the state had been contained while advising all Imo people to go about their lawful business without fear.

Governor. UZODIMMA congratulated Imo workers on their workers’ day celebration and thanked them for their noble sacrifice made to ensure a better working condition for all workers.

The Governor acknowledged the fact that some workers paid with their lives just to secure a better tomorrow for the working class.

He saluted workers all over the country for their understanding in the face of the coronavirus which threatened the welfare of workers and thanked them for their patience and cooperation.

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