A Traditional Ruler in Rivers State, His Royal Highness, Eze Christopher Wonodi JP, the Eze Mbam Abali, Eze Rishi Ohia Xii, Rebisi Kingdom in Port Harcourt City Local Government, says Nigeria is being administered in the wrong direction, noting that the country is getting worse, compared to what it was in the previous years.

The Traditional Ruler said this when some members of Online Media Practitioners Association of Nigeria (OMPAN), led by Dezmayorz Media visited him in his palace in Port Harcourt.

Eze Christopher Wonodi expressed worry that the already sorry state of Nigeria may worsen beyond repairs, if leaders do not fashion out ways of restoring the dignity of the country.

The Royal father called on Nigerian leaders to embrace the *’True Federalism’* as a solution to the crisis bedevilling the nation.

“Our Leaders are not leading us rightly. There was a country as Chinua Achebe rightly said.

“Our leaders should go for True Federalism. That’s the only way out, if we have to be one. Let every State and Local Government Area control their resources and pay tax or a token to Federal Government.

“As you can see, the center can not hold anymore. You will soon here that there was a country called Nigeria, not Biafra. You should know that the foundation of this country is shallow and poor. Military regime is even better”.

The Regent of Port Harcourt City, Eze Christopher Wonodi also advised the leadership of Nigeria to adopt Regional System of Government as an alternative to Federalism, if the country (Nigeria) must remain to witness peace, progress and development.

He picked hole in the proposed Constitution Review Exercise by National Assembly slated to on the 26 and 27 of this month, May.

“This is not the first time the National Assembly is going to review the Constitution.

“The National Assembly should come out straight and stop playing pranks,
because playing pranks can not solve Nigeria’s problem.

“We are still being ruled by military decree they called Acts.

“Nigeria should go back to True Federalism or return to our Regional System that favoured us in the past. This is the only way out to foster peace and development in this Country”.

Eze Wonodi encouraged Online Media Practitioners to use their platforms to promote the nation, especially now that the world is a global village, stressing that Online Media Practitioners should ensure that Nigeria grows alongside with other nations of the world.

Highlight of the visit the visit was the endorsement of the prestigious DMOMA Awards, where he further advised Online Media Practitioners to sell the country to the world with their good publication.

He however affirmed that Dez Mayorz Media and other bloggers in the State have the capacity to use their platforms to tumble the country in a minute and the capacity to build the country gradually.

He encouraged all Nigerians to join hands to make Nigeria great, adding that Nigerians should choose to build the nation, rather than destroy it.

Our correspondent reports that Dez Mayorz also presented a book to the Royal Highness, EZE Christopher Wonodi.

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