*Why calling for Better Nigeria and Not Better Nigerians?*


Benin Republic is poorer than Nigeria, the citizens aren’t as “enlightened” as most Nigerians living in the cities but they aren’t lawless.

They are law abiding!

You dare not beat any traffic lights in Cotonou.

Bicycles stop at traffic intersections..

If the Gendarmerie blow their whistle, you must stop, infact you will stop immediately.

You won’t move because the consequences will befall you immediately.

Nigeria is the only place where people give all sorts of excuses for lawlessness.

From Igholo, Port Novo, Cotonuo, Oidah down to Ilakondji, you will see orderliness, bikes remain on bike lane on the express, takes responsibility, but Nigerians wants a good country solely by the government and citizens are never at fault, everything and complain is government!!!!!!!!!

In Lome, you can’t have 4 passengers on your back seat in your car, all bike drivers put on helmet, customers pay as high as 35k cfa for electricity monthly, but here we want everything free, we disobey all laws but cry at enforcement, we love our lawlessness but want a better country. 🤡🤡🤡

If we don’t become better citizens, we won’t produce better leaders because they will keep emerging from us.

We just want them to do everything, why must government be arresting people for pedestrian bridge instead of using sense?

Why throw dirt on road but expect it clean by government???

We think Responsibility is for the leaders only!!!!

The followers have no responsibilities!!!!

Majority of Nigerians just expect to find themselves in a sane environment while they themselves remain insane

*Law abiding Nigerians will make a better Nigeria*

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