OBASANJO DENIES PLANS TO FORM NEW POLITICAL PARTY IN 2023 …. says he’s done with politics

Former Nigeria President OLUSEGUN OBASANJO says he has no plans to form a new political party ahead of 2023 general elections.

OBASANJO, who also declared that he is done with politics, said this in reaction to reports in some media organizations alleging his preparation to form a new party, where aggrieved members of both APC and PDP would be the major stakeholders, with the ultimate aim of winning the 2023 general elections in the country.

A statement released today, Monday, titled, ‘Obasanjo Not Forming Political Party’ and signed by OBASANJO’s spokesperson, KEHINDE AKINYEMI said his principal, who is currently in Kabul, Afghanistan as a guest of President ASHRAF GHANI has declared that the report was false, maintaining that there was “no plan to float a new political party now or in near future”.

According to the statement: “In my part of the world, when you say goodnight in a place, you do not go back there and say good evening. The one who reported that may need to visit Yaba Left. And those who believe it can believe that their mothers are men.

“I’m done with partisan politics but by my position in Nigeria and in Africa and without being immodest and indeed in the world my door must be opened and it is open to any individual or group of individuals who want to seek my opinion, view or advice on any issue or matter and I will respond to the best of my ability, without being part of that individual or group.”

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