….says such amounts to nuisance on campus

As a way of bringing students under control and ensure the safety of their lives, the Management of the University of Port Harcourt in Rivers State has banned its students from engaging in over celebrations, which is often associated with final year students, shortly after writing their final examinations.

In a statement sighted by Brave Views, the UNIPORT Management said such a wild jubilation is risky to the to the lives of the students and constitutes nuisance.

The statement noted that Management observed that wild jubilation almost claimed the life of one of the students of the University recently.

The statement quotes the Management of the University of Port Harcourt as vowing to punish final year students, caught engaging in over jubilations after their examinations.

“Henceforth, any student found engaging in wild jubilations after examination on campus would be dealt with in accordance with the rules governing the university.”

The statement outlined the acts of wild jubilation the final years students should not involve in after their final exams.

“These jubilations are mostly carried out by final year students after their final examination.

“Management views such wild jubilations as an act of nuisance aimed at disturbing the serenity of the academic environment.

“Consequently, the authorities of the university direct the students who engage in wild jubilations by mounting music equipment, rough riding on campus, turning their wears (clothes) into rags, throwing sachet water among other acts should stop henceforth”.

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