Ahead of the 2023 general elections, a new youth group known as Rivers Youth Rescue Mission (RYRM) has been inaugurated in Rivers State.

Brave Views understands that the Rivers Youth Rescue Mission was conceived on noticing the electoral and political malfeasance of critical stakeholders in the Nigerian project, after the 2019 general elections.

Director-General of the non-governmental youth body, the Rivers Youth Rescue Mission also known as the NEUTRALS, Comrade SOLOMON LENU said they realized that the solution to problem of corruption and other Nigerian problems lies with the youths.

SOLOMON LENU regretted that most youths have allowed themselves to be used as tools by politicians to cause electoral violence.

He urged the youths of Nigeria to come together, participate in the 2023 general elections to resist evil proposal that would be dangled at them by politicians, who want to perpetrate themselves in power but to deploy their strength in taking over governance in 2023.

He said the APC and PDP lack the needed ideas to move Nigeria forward, saying the only the major political parties promote is how the youths came be loyal to them.

“look at the two major political divide today, there is only one narrative that the both of them actually promote and that’s loyalty.

“They want those who can lie down for them to trample upon, they want those who will not question the status quo ND that is what we need to change.

“The youths constitute about 70% of the electoral college of this country and by that alone, we should be the ones to control things.

“And the youths are the catalysts that they use in perpetrating all these shenanigans.

Speaking further, SOLOMON LENU said their mission is to rescue the youths from the wrong parts.

“So, we want to rescue our youths, so that it will come to a point when they will call for a gathering, they won’t see any body”.

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