A young lady has revealed that she is pregnant for her biological father.

The girl (names withheld) explained how the four weeks pregnancy episode played out.

She wrote:


I have never lived with my father until I was 15 years of age. My dad separated from my mum before my birth. I stayed with my mum for good 15 years. At age 12 we relocated from Abuja to Lagos and started camping in the house of an addict in drugs.

Before long she became an addict herself. Sooner than I expected we started living in penury. All this while my dad was sending money for my mum for my upkeep.

The man who my mum was living his house got killed in a drug deal that went bitter. My mum continued with the rent and that was how she practically turned our house to a brothel.

My mum is about 5.3 feet and she is very pretty and full-figured. She can twist the head of any man any day and that is why my dad loved her for a long time even when she left him. He always dreamt she would come back.

My mum is of high taste and very clean, she sleeps with the bigger boys in Lagos but her drug life and luxury never allowed her to save. All of a sudden my mum needed more money to fund her life so she started going on tours with men in cities around the world leaving me behind all alone in our apartment. When I was 15, one of her client who is a top politician came to the house in her absence and met me. He raped me and told me not to tell anyone. He dropped the sum of N250,000 for me.

On my mum’s return, I gave her the money and told her what transpired while still weeping over the loss of my virginity. Instead of my mum to be sympathetic to me, she took the money and called the honourable to come back that she was home. On returning my mum asked him that why did he not tell her before he made love to me? and that he can’t be paying a virgin 250k when she collects as much as 400k from him. My mum settled with him that he can have me whenever he likes but he should pay 750k.

And this was how my mum sold me out to this useless man who kept coming back till I was pregnant. I almost lost my life during the abortion. That was when I decided to abscond to be with my father. We reported the assault to the relevant authorities and my mum and the so-called politician who I never really knew other than as Honorable fled.

Since then my dad has been loving, caring and accommodating. He has shown me.love. All of a sudden when I turned 17 my father professed his love to me in tears. He said he has never met a woman since my mum left him and I remind him of my mum. Surprised to him as well when I told him I was in love with him. I have never met a man apart from that serial rapist. We plan to relocate to Canada and have a quiet wedding for ourselves and start life again.

But the issue is, can I marry my father?

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