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This is a true life story of a lady and your suggestions and advice is needed from her. Below is the story of the lady who is in trouble and needs help;

She wrote:

KUNLE has been the best thing to have happened to me in recent years. He is a very cute, tall and handsome man. He loves me with every breath. Anything I ask from him he will surely do without delay. In short, even before I asked him he has already done it.

He cares so well for me. If a fly tries to fly by my side Kunle will kill it quickly reassuring me that he doesn’t want anything to harm me. In short, I will call him a lover boy. He assisted me with a lot of my fees in my final year when I was in dire need of financial help. He has always been my provider. He is the one I always look forward to anytime I needed help.

When I was looking for a job 2 years ago, when I haven’t gotten any yet, he was regularly paying me a monthly salary of 50k and he never rested until he made sure he got me a good-paying job with a multinational company where I currently work.

He is a wonderful human with a very pure soul. He doesn’t lie, cheat, he is very caring and also hardworking. I love him so much too. He is the best thing to have ever happened to me. I must be honest. I’m very happy. I am enjoying my job. I don’t want this love to end in any way if it were to be left to me alone.

I love Kunle with all my heart too. And even for the fact that I’m Igbo and he is Yoruba and he and his family does not discriminate in any way. I even love him even more for that. But there is a problem somewhere, there is something that has been giving me serious concern. I have thought of this so many times and I’ve finally arrived at a conclusion that I think is the best for me.

See, the thing with Kunle is that because he’s nice, I think he is also trying so hard to become a Mr perfect. There is no Mr Perfect, that is what I want him to know. He is just too gentle, too cool and calm for my liking. I have discussed this matter with my friends KC and Chinwe they also noticed the weakness in him.

KC still like KUNLE at least he still once in a while talking about how lucky I was to have such a caring fiancée that she envies me but CHINWE, CHINWE the sarcastic, she doesn’t rate KUNLE from here to there.

One thing CHINWE always say about KUNLE which I think I agree with is that he is too soft. Yes, I agree, he is just too gentle for my liking I beg. I know he has done a lot for me and I don’t want him to feel bad otherwise I would have broken up with him by now. And as at that now there is no time it will not still happen because I am tired of all his ‘spiricoco’, every time it’s the bible says this, the bible says that.

Mr man, like can we just have a conversation and not involved the bible in it for christ sake? That alone bores me off. I roll my eyes, like ‘oh my gosh’. Hugh, what’re all these? The other day we went out a guy insulted him, instead of him to sound the guy a dirty slap or even blow him off with his boxing skills, no oh, my fiancee unlooked like he didn’t hear anything, he ignored the guy. The thing pained me, to be honest.

Even dealing with me too, he is too nice and kind for me. Sometimes when I misbehave to him, instead of him to give me one resetting slap so that I can come back to my senses he will be there forming holy-holy. Who holy-holy help? Sometimes I low-key want that resetting slap or a strong yell at to regain my senses, but no oh. KUNLE will never give you that. Instead, it’s only calm, gentle talk that he knows.

I have told him about it before that at least he should at least once in a while shout at me if I do something wrong instead of the gentle approach he imbibes. He told me to never tell him that again. That it is a very bad approach for him to do that. That he will never do that.

Since then, I have been fed up with him. I think it seems we are actually not meant for each other. I love him I know but I don’t want a soft man at all. It is a no-no for me.

This is where I currently find myself. I am suspecting he is planning to propose to me next month because he already said it before that he wishes we get Married this year and that we will go on a short vacation next month.

My plan is to break up with him there and say ‘no’ to his proposal. I don’t think I can continue with the relationship.

So everybody that has been following my story as posted here by Arcfunmi, please give me your advice. Thanks for reading my story!

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