….says American President to undergo surgery in 2022

…..3 Nigerian senators, 4 Reps members to die in 2022

…..reveals how many security men of the Police, Air Force, NSCDC, others to die in 2022


Events leading to the 2023 general elections in Nigeria are gradually picking up, with politicians from the various political divides and tribes currently in consultations, alignments and realignments on who to emerge as the next president of Nigeria and other positions.

While that is ongoing, a Prophet of the Most High God has named who he believes, God told him will emerge the next of Nigeria, after the tenure of President MUHAMMADU BUHARI expires in 2023.

The Clergy, popularly known as Anointed Man Of God In Grace (AMOGIG), The Servant of the Most High, G.I.C (GLORY I. CHIKA) NSIEGBE Esq of the Christ Mustard Mission International, has also revealed other major things that will happen in some states across Nigeria and some major countries around the world.

The Port Harcourt based man of God, GIG NSIEGBE made the revelations in his 2022 prophesies during his new year Church Service at his Church in Port Harcourt.


There are indications that Nigeria will experience several deaths in 2022 fiscal year.

Five Army Generals shall pass on in 2022, ten serving Military Generals shall die due to several bombardments, fifty five senior and junior Police officers experience tragic deaths from different states, fifteen Air Force Officers shall die through crashing on air, some will be as a result of technical faults while some will be as a result of rocket bombs and mistaken identities.

Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) shall lose fifteen officers in combatant battles and Navy shall lose twenty senior and junior officers.

APC political party shall win the presidential election in Nigeria.

Core Northerner shall emerge as National Chairman of APC obviously. The PDP political party will strive very hard to survive the heat they will not be as strong as the ruling APC political party, so says the spirit of the living God.

Five political leaders shall die in PDP while three shall pass on in APC and two sick tragically. South West shall lose three important political frontiers in 2022, beginning from January. Two former presidents or heads of states will die in Nigeria. Two prominent Obas shall pass away.

Three serving Senators and four ex-senators shall pass on. PDP as well as APC political party shall morn loses in Lagos State. These shall be their party stalwarts. Four members of the House of Representatives serving shall die while five ex-members of the House of Representatives shall pass on in 2022.

Two former Chiefs of Army Staff will pass on by death and four Northern Emirs shall die.

What Nigerians are clamouring for is not a ruler but a leader whose policies and planning will be yearly job creation, human capital development and interest of the people in general


There will be a total overhauling and re-structurization of the sector, many shall lose their positions and their jobs shall be tempered with and trampled upon in due course without consideration.


It can only be stabilized through retrospect and conscious of the Central Bank on the market exchange stability in the Nigeria Exchange Stock Market. It will remain a dwindling economy without a practical control.


This shall thrive on well with elaborate gains and end up in bumper dividends, though many oil companies shall lose their licenses.


This organization should check the excesses of Federal Board of Internal Revenue Services and its collaborator, the NNPC, where corruption reigns and curtail their fraud and sabotage.

Government must ensure that their efforts yields results.


There will reorganization but the best crop will be left untouched. One or two Ministers will pass on this year while four former Ministers shall die. Many Ministers shall resign to pursue their political interests


Several clashes of interests will create crises, which will turn their sittings to a critical ground of focus.

Two present governors and four past governors will mysteriously end up in a chaotic fall.


There is a grand plan to undermine your arrangements in respect of the upcoming 2023 election by the political parties or to kill you and smear you premeditatedly by putting up allegations of financial impropriety against you.


The flag of America shall be lowered twice to morn the deaths and burial of two different political leaders. America will resonate and prosper in 2022. American President Shall undergo surgery because his bones and joints shall give him considerable constraints and difficulties. Fresh and cumbersome appointments shall be made by JOE BIDEN IN America.


The British Minister, BORIS JOHNSON and the House of Commons and the House of Lords will collapse the system of patriarch and capitalism to entrench a conducive system of democratization. Terrible cold will worry him in the 2nd and 3rd quarters of the year, 2022.

If Nigeria Federal and the State Governments do not put things in the right perspectives, Nigeria will experience a situation where little money will be pursuing goods in circulation.

Two bridges in Nigeria shall collapse with lives of people lost.

Speaker of House of Representatives, GBAJABIAMILA will have a close family or bosom friend of his found dead.

The Senate President shall be ill and possibly flown abroad for medical treatment.

Three Air Force planes shall crash in the 2nd and 3rd quarters of the year. A passenger plane shall crash twice in Nigeria, due to technical fault.

Yenagoa, Bonny, Nembe, Bille, Ahoada Sombrero, Onne, Abonnema, Degema, Bakana, Pola and Brass shall witness series of boat mishaps and loss of lives shall be in the increase.

Oil installations shall be damaged in the Niger Delta Region while piracy will commence again.

Boko Haram, banditry, agitation and quest for recognition from different regions and groups shall be quelled. However, sporadic shootings will continue, in spite of government interventions.

The next President of Nigeria will emerge from the South South, so says the Spirit of the Living God and his name is CHIBUIKE ROTIMI AMAECHI.

Wether the whole governors in Nigeria team up against him, he will emerge, wether they like it or not he will emerge. I saw drumming in the whole Northern Nigeria and the whole South, both the emirs, both the governors, the men, the people, both the destitute are happy, shouting and singing songs for AMAECHI with the acronym CRA: indeed Creating Responsive Agenda; so says the Spirit of the Living God.

So, the young President emerging will emerge from the South South and he is no other person than CHIBUIKE ROTIMI AMAECHI (CRA), former governor of Rivers State, from Ubima in Rivers State of Nigeria. No governor will stop him, even the present governor of this state can’t stop him, so says the Spirit of the Living God. The North and the South shall unite for him, prominent Nigerians shall support him, when he comes out for this purpose in no distant time.

Nigeria will experience a year of rapidity and achievable transformation, so says the Spirit of the Living God.


Rivers State 2022 is a state that will experience and witness massive treasury looting, with eminent greed, jealousy, heresy, wanton corruption and hatred from the government and by the government and by the governor, will continue to eat deep into the fabrics of the State.

Bad and mal-administration will cripple a lot of things in the state, we are not going to eat flyovers, we need human capital development that will touch directly the lives of the people and the citizenry in Rivers State and creation of enabling job employment, not a ploy indeed that after advertisement, you will keep them in shrouded secrecy, without implementation.

Consciences of those in the helms of affairs in Rivers State must blame them in 2022, if they fail, so says the spirit of the living God, if they fail, if they fail to create an enabling condition in Rivers State; their consciences will torment them if they fail, until the last day of their tenure. There will be no peace with them, so says the spirit of the living God.

The next governor of Rivers State shall come from the Kalabari axis, between Buguma and Abonnema.

Cross Rivers State will be looking up to APC in the 2023 election. Abia State will become a center of criminality 15

Abia State will indeed become a centre of criminality in the year, 2022. The governor indeed will change his style of governance because I saw that most of the projects that were abandoned or which he could not complete or embark on will be revisited. Too much push will create a lot of loses interest APC, PDP political parties in Abia State in 2022. I want them indeed to have a very strong, great rapport, which will create a unifying force in the government activities in the state of Abia.

Bayelsa State needs a complete political overhauling. The governor is busy stealing and keeping the money for himself.

Kwara State: OLUSOLA SARAKI is in trouble. He is exiting whether to join the new political forum that is led by PATRICK UTOMI and former INEC National Chairman, Prof JEGA or he will join APC, he is a confused man. He does not know what to do again because he has fallen out with the governor of Rivers State,fallen out with ATIKU, fallen out with all other old brigades that are in PDP.

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