One Mr. INNOCENT, who led a team of the Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution PLC from SARS road office to Eagle Island has threatened Dez Mayorz correspondent, OKOYE CHIDIEBELE for always writing against the ugly activities.

According to the INNOCENT “….u said u be blogger or Journalist, do you have money? Do you have N10m?. We are ready to deal with you, next time, you will stay away from what doesn’t concern you”.

Innocent said the management are ready to deal with Dez Mayorz Media for always writing against them.

OKOYE CHIDIEBELE has been consistently writing about some of the corrupt practices of PHED he notices.

In the a statement made available to Bloggers, OKOYE CHIDIEBELE narrated thus…

In July 2020, PHED staff (Clinton), fully armed with gunmen brutally attacked me (Dez Mayorz Media/ (Chidiebele), tore my clothes and broke my phone for trying to video their malpractice.

I filled a petition and arrested Clinton with the State SCID, where PHED lawyers bailed him.
I didn’t get justice nor my phone…..

I didn’t chicken out but continue to talk out about PHED practices for them to do better.

Tried severally to meet with the director, HENRY AJAGBAWA but to no avail.

On 11th May, 2022, PHED staff led by Innocent came to my compound at Eagle Island.

I opened the compound gate for them and was with them for about an hour as they discovered 3 bypass meters, which mine wasn’t part of it (As of that time) and then later left for work.

When I came back after 4 hours, they were still in the compound smiling, merrying and exchanging vehicles batteries with my compound co-tenants.
(I wondered what they were doing in the same compound for 5 hours).

When I went to my room, I noticed a paper they served me that I bypassed my meter.
(And I began to think that in my absential they deliberately put wires together, video it, just to set me up of bypassing.)

I told them no way, I didn’t bypass, never! Why didn’t you show it or video it all the time I was with you, for you to just discover it when I left.

On Friday 13th May, 2022, same week, I went to PHED office at Moscow road twice to report the situation to the Director, HENRY AJAGBAWA but I could not still get access to him.

Some staff of PHED, who said they are from media department later addressed me and said that the issue would be resolved and directed me to go to SARS road office for ratification.

When I got there, ALI and INNOCENT (PHED Staff) said I must pay a particular huge amount of money written on a paper.

That I bypassed.
I said no, I didn’t bypass, they should check it from their back end. And I won’t pay anything as I didn’t do anything.

Insisted, the bypass if any was done by INNOCENT himself same day with the reason best known to him and he video it in my absentce.

While leaving the office, INNOCENT threatened me that I think am smart, that I taught is about writing about them.

“….U said u be Blogger or Journalist, do you have money? Do you have N10m to spend?

We are ready to deal with you, next time, you will stay away from what doesn’t concern you”. INNOCENT threatened.

And I replied, ‘if I see you near me again, I will arrest you’

This made me to see it as a deliberate plan just to frustrate me about my writings on PHED issues.

ALI (a staff) said his team would come to check some things in my compound but still didn’t show up.

OKOYE CHIDIEBELE (Dez Mayorz Media).

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