The Director-General of the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS), Professor AYO OMOTAYO has advocated for religious harmony and tolerance among the adherents of the two major religions in the country for the sake of promotion of unity and understanding.

Professor OMOTAYO, who stated this at the joint get-together of Christians and Muslims for Senior Executive Course (SEC) 44, 2022, of the National Institute, said both Christianity and Islam preach peace, adding that some people deliberately look the other way instead of embracing the teaching for their selfish ends.

He enjoined religious leaders to always play the role of peacemakers and tell their followers the basic tenet of their religion, which is anchored on peace and harmony.

The Director General commended both the Christians and Muslims within the National Institute, especially Section 44, for their tolerance and for identifying with one another, adding that the message of peace should be extended beyond the Institute.

He said: “I want us to continue in this manner to serve as an example to the larger society.” I want to say that there is not much difference between the two religions. If we participants go out there to stand out as peace ambassadors, it will go beyond strategy and policy.

“We must always play the role of peacekeepers by explaining to our followers that there is not much difference between the religions.

“NIPSS will do the needful, but let me remind us that promoting peace between Christians and Muslims should not be taken for granted. That is why all of us must be peaceful ambassadors”

In his contributions, Professor ABDULMAJID ALARO, who is the Amril Senior Executive Course 44, also emphasized the need to live in peace with one another because both adherents of the two religions have no other country apart from Nigeria, whose growth everyone must have contributed to.

According to him, it is only when you have peace that you can build a nation, adding that religion is not an obstacle to peace in Nigeria and that religion is not also an obstacle to unity.

In his contribution, Reverend DAVID POFI, Chaplin, Chapel of Salvation NIPSS, said it is not impossible for Christians and Muslims in Nigeria to live in peace with one another, adding that the gathering actually reflects reality.

According to him: “We have been living in peace with one another, but something went wrong along the line and that is why we are in this present situation”. But with the statements the people have made here today, there is hope for Nigeria. It is in our interest that we work together peacefully.

“My prayer is that the elites will not destroy this country so that we can leave something for our children and grandchildren”.

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