A prominent youth leader in Rivers State, Legborsi Yamaabana, who is the President-General of Ogoni Youth Federation and
Chairman, Rivers State Youth Leaders Coalition says he miraculously escaped assassination attempt on Thursday February 23, 2023.


Legborsi Yamaabana, in a statement also disclosed that his car was stolen in the process.


Legborsi Yamaabana’s press release below:


“On Thursday February 23, 2023, I miraculously escaped being assassinated by some men dressed in Police uniform with the inscription ‘Special Forces’, driving a Toyota Camry vehicle and fully armed with AK-47 rifles.

On the aforementioned date, I drove from Old GRA to Oroazi, road one in Port Harcourt to drop off a friend, at about 11:35pm.

As I approaching my destination, a Toyota Camry car overtook me and three men dressed in Police uniform with the inscription ‘Special Forces’ with AK-47 rifles came out of the car and accosted me to wind-down.


I wound down and asked what was amiss, they told me that they were Policemen on election duty and thereafter, they demanded to conduct a search in my car.

I thought they were genuine officers of the Nigerian Police Force, so as a law-abiding citizen, who will not want do disobey or stop the Police from doing their job, I obliged.

Immediately I got off from my car, they sprayed teargas in my eyes and commanded me to lie on the ground and say my last prayer.

While on the ground, one of them knelt besides me, called me by my name and asked, if I knew him, I responded and said no, he then informed me that they were on a mission to kill me and that they were paid Twenty Million Naira (20,000,000) for the job.

I pleaded with him and he left for some conversation with members of his gang, who were telling him to hurry up and finish me for them to go.

Miraculously, he returned to me, took my car keys and phone and told me to go and thank my God that they have decided to spare my life but I should watch my back.

Thereafter, they zoomed off with both the car they came in and mine”.


Legborsi Yamaabana,
Chairman Rivers State Youth Leaders Coalition and President-General, Ogoni Youth Federation
February 27, 2023

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