Ogoni Youths Advocate Renewal of Pipelines Surveillance Contract For PINL

..commend PINL for remarkable achievements



The umbrella youth organization of the Ogoni people, the Ogoni Youth Federation (OYF) is appealing to President BOLA TINUBU’s led Federal Government to renew the Pipeline Surveillance Contract for the Pipeline Infrastructure Nigeria Limited (PINL).

The appeal of Ogoni youths is driven by the urgent need to prevent pipeline vandalism and curb criminal activities that threaten to disrupt the nation’s oil and gas production.

President-General of Ogoni Youth Federation (OYF), Ambassador Legborsi Yamaabana while speaking with Journalists at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja, passionately pleaded with the Federal Government to renew surveillance contract for PINL, due to its commitment, credibility and untiring efforts in ensuring maximum security of the pipelines.

Ambassador Legborsi Yamaabana while re-emphasizing the critical role of PINL in safeguarding Nigeria’s vital national assets, noted that Ogoni Youth Federation is unequivocally comfortable with the exemplary manner, in which, PINL has carried out its responsibilities, as evidenced by the notable increase in daily crude production in our country.

The Frontline Youth Leader, Legborsi Yamaabana said:

“Ogoni youths also aspire to be considered for the pipeline surveillance contract, our call for the Federal Government to renew the existing PINL contract is fundamentally rooted in patriotism and the best interests of our nation’s economic stability.

“We recognize that PINL’s exceptional performance is not just a matter of preference but a strategic imperative for the prosperity and security of our nation.

“Moreover, it is imperative to underscore the colossal dangers associated with not renewing the contract.

“The consequences of such a decision would be immense and far-reaching, jeopardizing our nation’s economic stability and energy security”.

Contrary to speculations put forth by contenders seeking the surveillance contract, Ambassador Yamaabana stressed that PINL is deeply committed to engaging critical stakeholders and host communities, fostering collaboration, and ensuring the safety and security of the pipelines.

He said Ogoni Youth Federation reiterates its unwavering support for PINL and its mission to protect the nation’s vital infrastructure.

“The renewal of the pipelines surveillance contract is not just a necessity; it is a safeguard for our nation’s future”.

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